Thursday, May 14, 2009

Exiting the labyrinth

Minotaur Books put me through their labyrinth but today I exited without benefit of string. All this has to do with a mystery contest they are sponsoring. This is a very conservative publisher as can be observed by how the contest is organized and run. First you must send an SASE to get the entry form. When that arrives you can peruse the 3 pages to find out the exact requirements and where you should send your contest entry. When you're ready you must print a double-spaced sequentially numbered copy of your script. Next you must write some sort of cover page with your vitals and any published credits. Then you must complete the entry form. Finally you must burn a copy of your script onto a CD. When all those materials have been stuffed into a mailer envelope you're almost out of the labyrinth. All that's left is going to the Post Office and shipping the materials via Media Mail with delivery confirmation. Whew. Now it's the usual wait.

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