Monday, April 4, 2011

The Chili Queen

Sandra Dallas describes each of the following characters in some detail throughout the book:
  • Addie—owner and madam of “The Chili Queen” hookhouse in Nalgitas, New Mexico.
    Emma—more or less a mail order bride who meets Addie on a train from Kansas City.
    Wellcome—chief cook and bottle washer (when motivated) of The Chili Queen. A large black woman with  a mind of her own.
    Ned—Addie’s toy boy who came west because he hated farming and decided to work (if that’s what it’s called) on the “shady” side of the law.
    John—Emma’s brother, a flinty sort who says little, but exhorts Emma to find a good investment for the   inheritance that Emma considered she was cheated out of. 
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