Saturday, February 1, 2014

Another outdoor project

As indicated in my last post, wood does not last forever. And such was the case with a back fence. The neighbor who owns the adjoining property is not interested in contributing to the cost of a rebuilt fence, so my son and I put up stringers and boards to block the aging fence boards of the original fence. It was another two day job, one for the stringers and one for installing the fence boards.


  1. An elegant and well-planned solution, William. Looks great!

  2. Thanks, George. Cold, but the 20-volt driver did the job on those all-weather screws.

  3. Wouldn't you know it? A few months after we finished the fence the house was sold to a friendly fellow who is in the process of gutting it to establish a domicile on the top floor and a rental unit on the bottom floor.