Monday, May 30, 2016

Digireads for June

We’ll have a change of pace for June, reading short stories instead of a novel. The title of the collection is “Rider and other stories.”
Here’s a brief look at each of the stories:
Rider, a rousing tale of a two-wheeler in the dead of winter.
The Princess and the Knight, marriage at its best.
One Last Chance, a look at compulsive gambling.
The Saga of Doggie Zimmerman, an old sea dog who doesn't give a damn.
Heartbreaker, a mother has to give up her child.
One for my Master, night shift on a rice ship.
Casey's Fort Zinderneuf, life mimics art.
Columbia Dig, solving an archeological mystery.
The Ordeal of Jane Manning, survival at all costs.
Raney, occult powers that reshape reality.
Kirby, a vacuum cleaner salesman who makes a strange sale.
Fighter, jealousy in a high-powered jet airplane.
Force of Habit, an almost perfect murder.
The Water, a space odyssey with a twist.
Kenny's Jump, more courage than good sense.
Coming White, conquering an unreasonable fear.
The Deadbeat, a strange kind of revenge.
Jack Be Quick, the peril of being a published writer.

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