Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Digireads, July, August and September

Digireads will spend the next 3 months examining a three-volume roman a clef with Emily Hobhouse as the primary historical character.
In July, Vol 1: Sweet Drop in Africa: Hope.
In August, Vol 2: Sweet Drop in Africa: Charity
In September, Vol 3: Sweet Drop in Africa: Faith.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

New web site

I used Go-daddy as the host for my web site for years, but this year their greed was the final straw. So I terminated my relationship with them, starting a new connection with Ehost. The introductory charge for 4 years of hosting, including a free domain was less than I originally paid with Go-daddy. I didn't want to use the same format that I'd used in the past and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy Ehost's drag and drop site creator is. There is a learning curve with site creator but it's relatively shallow and I was able to design and create the new site with a minimum of hassle. You can see the new site at: