Sunday, June 5, 2016

New web site

I used Go-daddy as the host for my web site for years, but this year their greed was the final straw. So I terminated my relationship with them, starting a new connection with Ehost. The introductory charge for 4 years of hosting, including a free domain was less than I originally paid with Go-daddy. I didn't want to use the same format that I'd used in the past and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy Ehost's drag and drop site creator is. There is a learning curve with site creator but it's relatively shallow and I was able to design and create the new site with a minimum of hassle. You can see the new site at:

1 comment:

  1. Having used Ehost before I can genuinely say it is a good hosting site. I found there to be a good array of templates to use and you can easily navigate yourself around and change things up if you need to. You should have no problems and your new site works well.