Monday, November 28, 2016

November Digireads for Duel at Sea II

The aftermath of Frank Berg's fight with the German raider is the essence of the two-edged sword: relief at being rescued, shock and anger at the death of Trudi Campbell.
In the meantime, Kurt Stein receives his next U-boat command with a new first watch officer. His mission to transport agents to the United States chafes at his dedication to give payback to the allies for the death of his wife.
Another duel at sea between Berg and Stein appears inevitable.

Frank Berg and George Winter see the modified Liberty ship that will be Berg's new command.
Meanwhile, Kurt Stein delivers the German agents to the fishing boat that will take them ashore. Their mission is to try to find out anything they can about the US Navy's new anti-submarine weapon.
One half of the new anti-submarine weapon is the Liberty ship the other is a well equipped Naval blimp. Frank Berg tours the huge blimp hangar at the Lakehurst Naval Air Station. He sees a WAVE that bears a striking resemblance to Trudi Campbell. In fact, her name is Anne Campbell, but she doesn't believe she's related to Trudi.
What lies ahead for Frank Berg and Anne Campbell? What will Kurt Stein's wolf pack mean for Berg and Winter? What will become of the German spies? All questions we hope will be answered as the story unfolds.

Frank Berg clears himself and George Winter with Naval Intelligence regarding their knowledge and possible relationship with the two spies who gave a performance at the Christmas gala.
Meanwhile, Kurt Stein torpedoes and sinks a tanker off the southern coast of the U.S.
The modified Liberty ship Charles Maguffin sets sail along with a U.S. Navy blimp.
The Maguffin is attacked by a U-boat killing the forward gun crew. Rather than using a torpedo the submarine uses its deck gun to damage Maguffin. The blimp crew uses its FIDO weapon to severely damage and ultimately sink the U-boat.
Berg orders his crew to pick up the German survivors. Maguffin returns to port to have its damage repaired.
What's next for Berg and the ship?

Frank Berg thought he'd successfully tamped down any further inquiry into his or George Winter's potential ties to the German spies. The FBI wasn't as convinced as Naval Intelligence.
Meanwhile Kurt Stein has to procure a new water distiller and then await the order from Submarine High Command as to what his wolf pack should do.
Frank Berg and George Winter along with the electronic experts and the blimp crew venture out to give the TRACC system another combat test.
Kurt Stein is finally left as the last member of his wolf pack to intercept Charles Maguffin with the intent of capturing the new secret antisubmarine weapon.
In the ensuing battle, Maguffin is critically disabled, Berg is wounded and Kurt Stein scuttles his U-boat after allowing his crew to leave and become prisoners of war.

Is Frank Berg finished with his naval duty? We'll have to wait to find out in Duel at Sea III.

Friday, November 18, 2016

The Persian Pickle Club

Ever wanted to know how women in the Midwest coped with the Great Depression of the 1930’s? If so, then Sandra Dallas’ book will satisfy part of your curiosity.

Centered around a more or less weekly quilting “bee,” The Persian Pickle Club details the lives and times of the women who take pleasure in piecing and quilting in the Kansas town of Harveyville.

If you wish to read  my complete comments on this book, as well as comments on 64 other books then you can find all of them in "Book Blogs," available on Amazon in either softcover or digital: