Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Comments on "Akasha" for March

Denise Parker dreams a disturbing dream. She confides in her friend and co-worker Carol. With nothing resolved they have to prepare for work at their ad agency.
At work in the Transamerica Pyramid, Denise tries to invent a new advertising campaign for one of the agency's premier clients.
As she is immersed in thought, George Moffatt re-enters her life, but she is cool toward him since she's in a relationship with Roc.
The dream is still bothersome and George suggested a therapist who specializes in dream therapy.
After a session with the therapist, Denise goes home and regresses to what appears to be a life as a boy in ancient Egypt.
Wanting to know more about Egypt, Denise goes to a library to research the period in which her dream or past life took place.
Not finding the answers she expected, her sister Jeananne calls and convinces Denise to attend a lecture that may shed some light on her dream.
One big question resulting from reading the first quarter of the book is: who is Algapesh and what does he or she want from Denise? We'll have to read on to find the answer.

Denise accompanies her sister to the lecture by Elizabeth Scott. There she meets Sam Abbott. Denise’s sister appears to be fully committed to Scott’s philosophy. That commitment horrifies Denise’s mother who tries to convince Denise to dissuade her sister from such a relationship.
Denise regresses or dreams she is a knight in Medieval Germany. One of the hermit witches who knows much about Denise warns that the kingdom is at risk unless the count sacrifices his son.
At work D
enise gets the bad news that Morrison, Sr. has died and his son Morrison, Jr. has not only put the advertising campaign Denise is responsible for on hold but is considering rethinking his connection with Denise’s agency.
Denise meets Brenda Searles, a librarian who is strangely connected to Morrison, Jr. Brenda invites Denise to a meeting of the Assembly of the Goddess. She has powers of perception that both attract and repel Denise.
A third regression takes Denise to ancient India where she and her brother meet Siddhartha and Lotus. Alopa (Denise’s past life name) is forced to confront her sexual relationship with one of the males in her village. She also has to wonder whether she has latent homosexual tendencies.
Work progresses with another campaign and a party for agency members to make new and renew connections. Sam Abbott is also at the party. Brenda Searles tells Denise that she should avoid Sam and at the same time invites her to a celebration to be held by the Goddess disciples. Denise doesn’t agree until Sam appears to be suffering from a curse Brenda has set on him.
At work Denise and Garth vie for enough points to convince Wally and upper management that one of them should be advanced to a vice presidency.

Denise experiences more past lives. Her sessions with Dr. Zebra haven't reached a conclusion about the meaning of all the lives she's experienced.
There are links among the various people in Denise's life. Are they all a result of karma?
Denise gets a new client and she researches possible advertising possibilities.
Another party is upcoming. It will be thrown by her high school flame recently making a comeback in Denise's life. Many of the people she thinks are connected by karma with attend.
Dense has an interview with Mary Elizabeth. It provides more questions than answers. She is told that she has been chosen to rectify the balance between the light and the darkness represented by Algapesh.
Denise experiences another past life after her meeting with Mary Elizabeth. The meaning of who she was and what she did remains a mystery.

Denise diagrams all the people in her life. Even with rearrangement she cannot see what they all have in common, except for her.
Denise has to get away from the office. The place she goes to is remembered from childhood. It's near Land's End and appears to be exactly right.
As she relaxes she relives another past life. On regaining her present life she has to save herself from falling off the cliff that threatens to give way sending her to the rocks below.
Shaken, Denise returns to work. What she thought would be an antidote to the constant stress of the job, her inability to make sense of her past lives, and the unknown of the second party turns out to be nearly the end of her life.
The party becomes more than a gathering to facilitate meeting and greeting. Denise finds the answer to all the questions that have had no answers before the party. Like Denise, we, too, have had the answers to our questions presented in a most dramatic way. We are left with the question: will Denise find peace and happiness with those answers?